When Summer Means Real Estate

If summer vacation is synonymous with relaxation and leisure, it’s also the season you’ll have the most time to look for real estate. By downloading the Immotop.lu real estate app, you can now take full advantage of your time off without neglecting your projects.

Whether you’re in the mountains or on the beach, all you need is an Internet connection and a phone (or tablet) to fit your search into your schedule.

Just fill in your criteria (commune, type of property and sale, budget, amenities, etc.) and choose from the offers provided. You can also filter your listings by saving the ones that interest you or hiding the ones that you don’t want to see again.

Not interested in any listings today and don’t want to spend your entire vacation with your eyes glued to your phone? Don’t worry—thanks to our notification system, you will receive an alert on your phone as soon as a property that matches your criteria is listed. You’ll never miss an opportunity!

All that’s left is to enjoy your summer before you move.